A1300 Institutional Effectiveness


Policy Type: Administrative
Responsible: Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Related Policies: B1002, B1011, B2005, B3012
Linked Procedures: A1300.00, A1300.05, A1300.10, A1300.15, A1300.20, A1300.25, A1300.30, A1300.35
Related Laws: ICCB Rules Section 1501.201, 1501.406
Related Standards: Association for Institutional Research Ethical Principles
HLC Criterion: 5: Institutional Effectiveness Resources and PlanningHLC Criterion 5: Institutional Effectiveness, Resources and Planning The institution’s resources, structures, processes and planning are sufficient to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its educational offerings, and respond to future challenges and opportunities.

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Policy Statement

The College values the pursuit of excellence in all of its programs and services. The College strives to remain grounded in best practices and to exceed the standards set forth in those practices. Further, the College is dedicated to a comprehensive institutional effectiveness system (SCCES) encompassing three key elements- employee engagement, infrastructure effectiveness, and student success.

As it relates to institutional effectiveness, the pursuit of excellence, and continuous improvement, the College will uphold a culture of data-informed decision-making, transparency, and accountability to the College’s stakeholders.

To those ends, the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness is directed to develop, implement, and continuously improve collaborative and inclusive procedures aimed at ensuring the quality and efficacy of its educational programs and services through shared governance, accreditation, strategic planning, institutional evaluation, research, and reporting.


Change Log
Date Description of Change Governance Unit
11.14.23 Initial Adoption Executive Council