A2000.00 Academic Freedom

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
Responsible: VP, Academic Affairs
Related Policies: B2005, A2000
Linked Procedures:
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: AAUP; AGB
HLC Criterion2D2D The institution is committed to academic freedom and freedom of expression in the pursuit of truth in teaching and learning.

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The college recognizes the value of protecting and encouraging the search for knowledge and its dissemination.

Faculty members have both the right and obligation to investigate and to present to their students, based upon their professional judgment, available information related to the subject being taught. The course content must be consistent with objectives of the course. Faculty members shall seek to be accurate, show respect for the opinion of others, present issues in an unbiased manner, identify their own personal persuasion on issues where necessary to present an unbiased presentation on such issues, and indicate, where appropriate, that their views are not necessarily the views of the College.

In addition, faculty members recognize that Academic Freedom extends to students and provides an inclusive environment where the free exchange of ideas is a central component of a high-quality learning experience. Every student shall have the right to listen critically, participate in free discussion, inquiry, and expression without fear of reprisal. Students will be evaluated on academic course objectives and the classroom shall be a safe haven for inquiry.


Change Log
Date Description of Change Governance Unit
08.03.23 Update 4120; added student focus Acad. Affairs Council