A8000.70 Temporary Indoor Signage and the Distribution of Materials

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The policy and guidelines for temporary indoor signage and the distribution of materials are applicable for both students, as individuals or groups, and the College staff at the main campus with the following exception: Employees’ office doors are not included in this policy and guidelines, for office occupants are responsible for all materials which may be displayed on their respective doors.


Temporary Indoor Signage

  1. Approval of all materials to be posted will be indicated by the date stamp and signature stamp affixed in the office of the Vice President of Student and Administrative Services and/or the Director of the extension center location.
  2. Community or commercial related advertising, subject to official approval, may be posted only on the designated community bulletin board. Permission to post materials will be granted by the Vice President of Student and Administrative Services, which in no way implies endorsement by the College.
  3. The bulletin boards in the respective classrooms are for the exclusive use of instructional staff. These bulletin boards will be monitored by the Division Chairs, and materials to be posted there do not required an approval stamp.
  4. Publicity or display materials are prohibited from placement in any locations or on any surface not specifically designated for that purpose.
  5. The posting organization or individual shall remove the materials no later than the date stamped on the poster. All publicity items remaining after this date will be discarded. The removal of notices, announcements, and publicity materials shall be the responsibility of the posting groups or individuals.
  6. Notices posted on classroom doors will be limited to those indicating instructor absences or temporary class relocation.


Distribution of Materials

  1. Individuals and organizations responsible for distribution of materials or literature must be identified and the materials registered with the Vice President of Student and Administrative Services. The materials to be distributed must bear the name of the issuing person or organization. Distribution privileges are granted on a daily basis, and the area and method of approval for distribution will be designated by the Vice President for Student and Administrative Services.
  2. Permission to distribute materials in no way implies endorsement by the College.
  3. Distribution of materials through institutional mailboxes must receive approval through the office of the Chief Financial Officer.

New Policy: July 2016


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