A2200.30 Evaluation of Student Academic Performance Contd.

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
Related Policies: A2200
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The faculty will maintain student performance and attendance records. The procedure to be used is as follows:



  1. All records relevant to assigned grades will be kept through mid-term the next semester following the beginning of the next 16-week semester.
  2. Material relevant to an appeal case will be kept until the student has exhausted all appeal remedies.
  3. Faculty will post initial progress, midterm, and final grades.



  1. All full-time and part-time faculty will check attendance at every session of each class meeting (credit and non-credit), keeping a record by calendar date, course title, section number, and time of class meeting. The record should indicate a student’s presence or absence at each session of the class.
  2. Faculty members may also keep this record in a grade book or special form provided by the College.


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