A4300.15 Sick Leave Transfer Procedure

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
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A full-time employee who has been employed for at least two years and who will expend all his or her sick leave, may request the transfer of up to twelve days of sick leave from the sick leave accounts of other full-time staff to his or her sick leave account.  This sick leave may be used to cover absence as defined institutionally.  With the approval of the President, the sick days may be established in advance of the staff member exhausting his or her available sick days by following this procedure.  Employees may request the transfer of sick leave days one (1) time during their tenure with the college.

  1. The employee shall inform his or her immediate supervisor in writing of the possible need to acquire additional sick days.  Upon initial approval by the President, the employee shall proceed to submit a list of full- time employees and the days they are transferring to the immediate supervisor.  Each employee shall initial the days they are contributing to the employee’s account.
  2. Once a list of staff and the days they are contributing has been approved, the employee and the immediate supervisor shall complete a schedule for all days requested specifying coverage of the missing person’s duties and responsibilities for each day by the individual. This completed schedule must also then be approved by the President.  Employees contributing sick days and consenting to provide coverage agree not to be paid overtime or overload for these additional duty assignments.
  3. A record of all such transfers shall be kept in the employee’s sick leave record. Individuals applying to have sick days transferred to their account under this procedure will be advised of the availability and appropriateness of other available leave options.


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