At SCC, we make it easy for you to reach for your goals. We accept all graduates of accredited high schools, as well as those who have earned a GED.

Students who have not graduated from high school can take college classes before graduation through our Escrow Program. Get a head start on college!

Honor students are eligible for Scholarships.

Admissions Requirements

Students may be admitted by fulfilling the following:

  1. Proving high school completion via official Transcript with graduation date.
  2. Completing the ASSET/COMPASS test to determine Proper Course Placement.

If you are a High School graduate or have earned your GED:


Admissions Policy

Shawnee Community College maintains an open-door admissions policy for all potential students who have obtained a high school diploma or GED Certificate. In the event of space limitations, preference for admissions will be given to District Residents.

  1. Students may be admitted by fulfilling the following:
  2. Proof of high school completion via official transcript with graduation date.

SCC will accept students currently enrolled in high school into the Escrow Program.

Affirmative Action

Shawnee Community College is an equal opportunity affirmative action institution. Admission, Financial Aid, Student Employment, Curriculum Requirements, Extra-curricular Participation, Counseling, Career Services and Athletic Programs shall be available to all students without regard to race, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Cultural Diversity

America draws its strength and vitality from the diversity of its people. Shawnee Community College is committed to multicultural diversity and building a pluralistic campus that celebrates and draws upon the talents of all its students and staff.

The college seeks to promote this concept within the curriculum by including information related to multiculturalism in numerous identified courses.


Shawnee Community College is accredited until 2024-25 by the Higher Learning Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 230 South LaSalle Street Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL. 60604.



Contact for More Information

Admissions and Advising – 1-800-481-2242 or (618) 634-3200