Saints Foundation


Contribute to the Saints Foundation and Your Community

A contribution you make now can be used immediately to meet our urgent needs. You can see the beneficial results of your immediate gift without delay, while maximizing your income and tax savings.


Gifts of Cash

Write a check or charge to a credit card. It is quick, easy, and tax deductible.

Or mail a check to:

Saints Foundation
8364 Shawnee College Road
Ullin, Illinois 62992


Legacy Society

Donations to the Saints Foundation Legacy Society provide:

  • Scholarships for tuition and books
  • Support for campus/student events
  • Funding for the latest equipment and technology
  • Training and access to quality affordable education
  • and so much more.

Read more about the Society


Give long-term appreciated assets you have owned for more than one year, such as real estate, stocks, and other securities. You can receive an income tax deduction and may avoid capital gains tax. An easy way to give and only requires a call to 618-634-3200 to start the process.


A pledge enables a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have been possible. If you wish, you may make a contribution with payments spread over a period of time. Reminders will be sent when payments are due. To obtain a pledge payment agreement, request a form from the Saints Foundation office.


The Saints Foundation Planned Giving Program allows individuals the opportunity to ensure the financial well-being of Shawnee community College by making gifts that provide a maximum benefit for the College, while decreasing the income tax, estate and gift tax burdens upon their estates and descendants. Philanthropic giving can merge your personal financial needs and tax planning. With the assistance of your financial advisor, The Saints Foundation can assist you in making a difference in the future while you gain the greatest benefits today.

Planned Giving Options:

  • Current Will
  • Living Trust
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Closely Held Stock
  • Charitable Trust


Make a meaningful charitable gift while you provide for an enduring tribute to a family member or other loved one. Name a scholarship, sponsor an event, name a building or room on the campus, as just some examples that are lasting tributes.


Donations of goods and services that are considered beneficial to the college are considered in-kind donations. Check with the College to see what needs we have that might meet with the services or products you might donate.


This program provides students, Alumni, parents, and families an opportunity to give back to honor those at the College that have provided such dedicated service.



If you have questions or need any additional assistance or information, please contact the Saints Foundation at 618-634-3200 or use the form below.