A2100.00 Curriculum Development

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
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Additions and changes to the instructional program at Shawnee Community College may be suggested by any person associated with the College, including individual citizens or advisory groups in the district. Specifically, faculty participate substantially in oversight of curriculum development.

Additions or changes will fall into one of three categories: baccalaureate and occupational program development, baccalaureate and occupational course development, and program and course development for adult and continuing education and related areas.

Primary responsibility for developing new proposals within the areas of baccalaureate and occupational education will be with the Vice-President of Instructional Services. These proposals should be submitted through the appropriate channels for approval: Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Dean of Instructional Services, Vice President of Instructional Services, the President, and the Board of Trustees. Final approval by the Illinois Community College Board or Illinois Board of Higher Education may be required pursuant to state law.

Primary responsibility for the development of new adult, continuing education, public service, special short-term training courses and programs, seminars and workshops is the primary responsibility of the appropriate director, Dean of Instructional Services, and the Vice-President of Instructional Services. These proposals require approval by the College president and, if approved, the Illinois Community College Board.

Revised: July 2014, August 2015, July 2016


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