Business Management

Program Summary

Managers function in all sectors of work environments including health care, manufacturing, retailing, government, and business services. This program will help provide the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully achieve organizational goals. Learning to work with people in areas of financing, staffing, planning, and information management, with respect to diversity, is emphasized.

Graduates of the BUS 2210 Business Management program will be able to:

  • Organize resources to achieve the goals of the organization.  (Research & Information Literacy)
  • Outline the operations of a business across functional areas. (Problem-Solving)
  • Demonstrate the ability to build productive work-teams to achieve goal-oriented results.  (Personal Growth & Responsibility)
  • Evaluate the impact that cultural differences have on the business climate. (Global & Cultural Awareness)  
  • Articulate management practices for effective mentoring and developing of the organization’s staff.  (Communication)

This program has been identified as a TECH PREP program.


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First Year Courses

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
BUS 124Bookkeeping3
BUS 128Intro to Management3
COM 111Business Computer Systems4
BUS 210Principles of Management3
COM 281Microsoft Excel2
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
ACC 111Financial Accounting4
BUS 215Legal and Social Environment of Business3
BUS 230Human Resource Management3
MAT 116College Algebra4
SPC 111Speech3

Second Year Courses

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
ACC 112Managerial Accounting4
BUS 116Principles of Marketing3
BUS 232Supervision3
ECO 211Intro to Macroeconomics3
MAT 210General Elementary Statistics4
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
BUS 225Business Communication3
BUS 211Intro to Finance3
ECO 212Intro to Microeconomics3
ENG 111English Composition I3
BUS 195Mid-Management Internship2

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