Basic Heating and Air Conditioning

Program Summary

This program will prepare individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to sheet metal ducts for heating/AC and ventilation systems. They will form, shape, bend and fold extruded metals, including the creation of new products using hand tools and machines such as brakes, shears, rolls, and welders. Students will receive EPA certification after successful completion of HAC 160 and HAC 260.


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Fall SemesterCredit Hours
BEL 161Basic Electricity I3
HAC 160Air Conditioning I3
HAC 111Basic Sheet Metal Layout3
HEA 160Heating I3
ENG 111 or ENG 124English Composition I or Technical Communication I3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
BEL 162Basic Electricity II3
HAC 260Air Conditioning II3
HAC 211Advanced Sheet Metal Layout2
HEA 260Heating II3
OSH 102OSHA General Industry2

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