Committee Charge – Student Affairs Leadership Team


Committee Name: Student Affairs Leadership Team

Committee Type: Administrative – Operations

Mission/Purpose: The Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT) serves as the major operational decision-making body for Student Affairs Division of the College and is responsible for ensuring the College’s student-focused strategic initiatives align with identified key performance indicators and measures of success. SALT works in tandem with both the Academic Leadership Team and the Administrative Services Leadership Team to ensure College activities align with the continuous improvement of student learning and success. SALT creates and sustains a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that is focused on helping students achieve their learning goals in a safe and supportive environment. SALT develops, nurtures, and facilitates collaborative decision-making through inclusive and intentional communication with the effective allocation of resources throughout the College.

Scope of Responsibility: The SALT shall:

  • Oversee Student Affairs operations and ensure employee efforts are optimized towards the attainment of the College’s strategic goals and the Board’s strategic outcomes.
  • Facilitate input from, and communication with, a broad-based campus and community population on matters that improve student services.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to the College’s strategic and annual planning processes.
  • Assess the Student Affairs budget and recommend allocation priorities.
  • Ensure college compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Review Institutional Effectiveness efforts and use key performance metrics to improve operational practices.
  • Delegate operational decision-making authority to the most appropriate level in the division and ensure alignment of employee effort.
  • Collaborate with all levels of the organization to assist with planning, implementation, and evaluation of student affairs strategy/initiatives.
  • Ensure operational processes and activities promote institutional effectiveness, through informed data-driven decision-making, collaboration, assessment, communication, coordination, and refinement.
  • Make recommendations to the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) regarding the implementation and progress of student affairs planning and initiatives.
  • Create & update the Student Handbook.
  • Review Student Services Board Monitoring Reports.
  • Receive and review periodic updates and reports from operational committees and employees.

Policy Responsibility: None.

Reporting: SALT advises the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA). The VPSA will consider all recommendations made by the SALT and endorse those that benefit the College. All endorsed recommendations will be sent to the Executive Council.

Associated Committees: President’s Cabinet, Student Affairs Council, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, Enrollment and Recruitment Team, Student Success Team, and Student & Community Outreach Team

Composition: Director of Recruitment & Enrollment, Director of Community Education & Outreach Centers, Director of Student Success, Director of Education Talent Search, Director of Student Support Services, Athletic Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Coordinator, Registrar, Athletic Director, Executive Assistant to the VPSA

Meeting Dates: First Tuesday of the month from 10:00a – 12:00p.