Facility Team



The Facility Team (FT) is responsible for ensuring the College’s building, grounds, and plant operations meet State and Federal guidelines and the physical environment is safe, well-maintained, and continuously-improved to meet the evolving needs of students and employees.

The FT provides oversight on activities related to facility development, facility usage, facility improvement, transportation infrastructure, and sustainability activities.

The FT manages the College’s Resource Allocation Management Plan outlined in the Illinois Community College Board’s (ICCB) Financial Management Manual.


FT Members

Lindsay Johnson Chair
Chris Clark VP of Administrative Services
Brandy Woods Director of Business Services
Don Koch Director of Facilities
Dwayne Fehrenbacher Director of Information Technology
Jonathan Van Meter Computer Services Specialist
Kyle Smith Academic Advisor & Recruiter
Lora Clark Workforce Training Specialist
Russ Stoup Education Technology Administrator
Virginia Chamness Administrative Assistant
Anna Davenport Faculty