Academic Affairs Council


The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) will serve as the academic planning and academic policy making body of the College and is responsible for strategic planning, policy development, institutional effectiveness and coordinating the policy functions of the Academic Standards, Curriculum & Instruction, and the Student Academic Assessment Teams.
The AAC reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) who considers all recommendations made by AAC and endorses those that benefit the College. All approved policy recommendations will be sent to the Executive Council for approval.

AAC Members

CHAIR FacultyLorena Hines
CO-CHAIR Career Services CooridnatorBlake Goforth
SAAT CoordinatorMike McNally
Academic Standards ChairMandy Hannan
C&I ChairDr. Kristin Shelby
FacultyBrenda Brown, Craig Bradley & Hailey Merriman
Executive AssoicateBecky Steinmetz