Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council serves as the major planning and policy-making body for the College’s human resource and cultural improvement activities. The DEI Council is responsible for creating equitable and inclusive policies for the College’s talent acquisition, professional development, employee retention and engagement, performance management, compensation, and legal compliance processes. Further, the DEI Council will provide recommendations to the College’s other governance councils and administrative teams on climate and culture improvement opportunities.
The DEI Council reports to the Executive Director of Human Resources who considers all recommendations made by the DEI Council and endorses those that are informed by best practice and compliant with applicable law. All approved recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Council for final review and adoption.

DEI Members

Rob Lucas Chair, Education Technology Specialist
Dr. April Teske Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Jipaum Askew Director of Educational Talent Search
Lydia Dover Director of Business & Workforce Development
Bea Gordon Administrative Support Specialist
James Walton ETS Academic Specialist
Kaylyn Meyers Retention Specialist
Lisa Meyer Financial Aid Specialist
Anna Davenport Faculty
Lee Van Alstine Faculty
Mike McNally Faculty
Wendy Harris Faculty