Course Assessment

Course Assessment at SCC

Once a program’s student learning outcomes (PSLOs) are clearly determined, individual courses are reviewed to determine how students will achieve the accreditation, industry, and/or licensure requirements, as well as the general education Core Competencies. Curriculum mapping is completed to ensure alignment and coverage of all program standards and core competencies Curriculum mapping allows for a cohesive and systematic methodology of identifying possible gaps, redundancies, or inconsistencies in a programs’ progression toward student completion.

Curriculum maps provide a picture of how well collective expectations of student learning match instructional offerings at the program level. The curriculum mapping process affords instructors the opportunity to gather, review, and discuss needed changes in individual courses to bring about an improved progression of learning as students work toward completion of the program.

Questions that must be addressed when engaging in mapping of curriculum are:

  • Do students have multiple opportunities to develop and achieve the program student learning outcomes (PSLOs) and SCC Core Competencies during completion of the program?
  • Are content delivery levels organized in a meaningful manner to address specific PSLOs?
  • Do individual courses provide students with opportunities to integrate multiple Core

Data collected from responses to these questions are considered when completing the annual program CQI documentation and during rotating ICCB 5-year program reviews.