Board of Trustees


Members of the Board

Randall Rushing – Chairman
Michael McMahan – Vice Chairman
Andrea Witthoft – Secretary
Cathy Belcher – Assistant Secretary, Liaison to Saints Foundation
Don E. Patton – ICCTA Representative
Steve Heisner – Trustee
John Windings – Trustee
Steven Etter – Student Trustee

Board Meeting Agenda

June 17, 2019 Board Agenda


Board Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2019 Board Minutes

March 4, 2019 Board Minutes

February 4, 2019 Board Minutes



SCC Board of Trustees Letter May 20, 2019

Joint Press Release – Shawnee College Board and Dr. Peggy Bradford March 4, 2019

Message from President Bradford – June 13, 2018

Board of Trustees Official Statement – January 31, 2018

State Mandated Leadership Training for Trustees (SB 2174)

The members of the Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees comply with the Community College Trustee state law that mandates leadership in accordance with SB 2174 (Public Act 99-0692). The law requires all community college trustees elected or appointed after January 1, 2017, to complete four hours of training during their first, third, and fifth years in office. It is also required by law that each community college district maintain a listing of all board members who have successfully completed the training, as well as those who have not.

In order for a community college trustee to obtain credit for training, the program must be offered by the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) or provider of the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB).

The following trustees have successfully completed their 1st year of term training:

  • Randall Rushing
  • Michael McMahan
  • Maxine Russell
  • Andrea Witthoft
  • Don E. Patton
  • Cathy Belcher
  • James Dumas

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SCC President – (618) 634-3260