Dr. Tim Taylor

President 634-3221

Darci Cather

Vice President of Academic Affairs 634-3219

Chris Clark

Vice President of Administrative Services 634-3233

Dr. Lisa Price

Vice President of Student Affairs 634-3360

Mandy Hannan MSN, RN

Dean of Allied Health & Nursing 634-3277


Dean of Career & Technology Programs

(618) 634-3325

Dr. Kristin Shelby

Dean of Transfer & Adult Ed 634-3240

Dr. April Teske

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness 634-3349

Emily Forthman

Executive Director of Human Resources 634-3223

Kevin Hunsperger

Executive Director of Public Information and Marketing 634-3270

Amber Suggs

Director of Student Support Services (TRiO) 634-3236

Brandy Woods

Director of Business Services 634-3417

Don Koch

Director of Facilities 634-3289

Dwayne Fehrenbacher

Director of Information Technology 634-3335

Jipaum Askew-Robinson

Director of Educational Talent Search (TRiO) 634-3423

John Sparks

Director of Athletics

Lindsay Johnson

Director of Community Education & Outreach Centers 634-3451

Lydia Dover

Director of Business and Workforce Development 634-3421

Mindy Ashby

Director of Student Success 634-3516

Mindy Reach

Director of Recruitment and Enrollment 634-3226