Student Services

All Shawnee Community College students are encouraged to take advantage of the many activities and services available to them through the Student Services Department.

TRiO Student Support, Financial Aid, Tutoring, Student Clubs and Athletics are among the many resources available to all SCC Students.

TRiO Student Support Services are designed to help Shawnee Community College students make good grades in college, graduate and transfer to a four-year college or university. Student Support Services will help students have a positive and productive experience at Shawnee Community College.

The Student Success Center offers computer assisted instruction, word processing facilities and tutorial services to supplement a wide variety of classes offered by the college.

Shawnee Community College provides the student body with a variety of student activities throughout the academic year. All SCC students are encouraged to participate in college events.

Sometimes the demands of college life can become overwhelming and unmanageable. Students may feel alone, isolated, helpless, and even hopeless. These feeling can easily disrupt academic performance and interfere with their ability to be successful in their classes.

Counseling Services at Shawnee Community College are confidential within ethical and legal guidelines. Information does not become part of the academic record of the student.
Services are free of charge to all Shawnee students.

The Tutorial Program promises renewed hope for students who are having difficulty completing their college course work. In most cases, peer tutors either work individually or in group study sessions with their tutees. The Tutorial Program offers this service free of charge to registered students of Shawnee Community College.

S.M.A.R.T. Transportation provides rides to and from the SCC Campuses for students during the academic year. Transit Passes can be purchased at the Information Desk of the SCC Main Campus.


Contact for More Information

Vice President of Student and Administrative Services – 1-800-481-2242 ext. 3360