Shawnee Community College Celebrates the Works of Young Writers

Photo of the Young Writers Competition Students


ULLIN, IL (April 26, 2024) – The English Department at Shawnee Community College has once again celebrated the works of young writers in our region.

The annual Celebrating Young Writers High School Writing contest features three categories: non-fiction, short fiction essay, and poetry. More than 100 students in grades nine through 12 submitted their work.

Recently, the winners were celebrated with a dinner and awards ceremony at Shawnee Community College’s main campus. First place received $100, second place earned $50, and third place got $25. 

This year’s winners are:

9th/10th Grade Non-Fiction Essay

3rd Place – Nella Billingsley (Vienna HS), “Choosing A Good Career”
2nd Place – Faith Coates (Massac Co. HS), “Creative Individuals”
1st Place – Isabella Weidig (Massac Co. HS), “Ethical Implications Of The Modern Space Race”

11th/12th Grade Non-Fiction Essay

3rd Place – Raylynn Beasley-McDaniel (Egyptian HS), “The Empowerment Of Franklin Roosevelt Through Disability”
2nd Place – Shaheim Jones (Egyptian HS), “A Ghost From The Past: When Time Ceased To Progress”
1st Place – Sydney Davis (Carbondale Community HS) “Beautiful Things”

9th/10th Grade Short Fiction Essay

3rd Place – Avery Mounce (Massac Co. HS), “Paranoia”
2nd Place – Korina Mize (Vienna HS), “Like A Horror Movie”
1st Place – Kallup Dover (Egyptian HS), “The Serenade Of Eldoria”

11th/12th Grade Short Fiction Essay

3rd Place – Chloe Jones (Massac Co. HS), “Pretend”
2nd Place – Elliot Holm (Egyptian HS), “Train of Thought”
1st Place – Alyse Nourie (Massac Co. HS), “On A Wire”

9th/10th Grade Poetry

3rd Place – Brooke Benn (Egyptian HS), “Goodbyes”
2nd Place – Oliver Pfister (Massac Co. HS), “The Mirror”
1st Place – Adyson Crim (Massac Co. HS), “The Choices We Make”

11th/12th Grade Poetry

3rd Place – Kaitlyn Herrin (Dongola HS), “Leaves Falling”
2nd Place – Sara Flick (Dongola HS), “Acorns”
1st Place – Mia DeHarpart (Vienna HS), “Deserve”