SCC Releases 42nd episode of their Science in Seconds web series

Ullin, IL. – Shawnee Community College has just released the latest episode (#42) of their internet video series entitled “Science in Seconds.” The series features short videos starring long-time SCC Biology Instructor Tony Gerard and provides viewers with interesting facts about flora and fauna in the southern Illinois region.

SCC Communications Director Rob Betts, who co-produces and edits the series, said, “When Tony & I came up with the idea to begin the series, it was just as Covid-19 was shutting things down in our region including in-person classes at SCC.  We were searching for a creative way to help local students stay engaged in the learning process. After having previously tagged along to take pictures of Tony’s Field Biology Class, I knew how engaging his talks could be, so we sat down to discuss turning the class into a video series for social media.”

The videos, which run anywhere from 2-3 minutes in length, have included topics such as snakes, salamanders, turtles, plants, and lots of other local wildlife. The most recent release featured mud daubers, a type of wasp. Betts says Gerard always shares interesting information about each featured plant or animal and has some cool facts to help viewers retain the information.

“We have hoped to help people become more engaged in their local environment and educate them on the importance of biology and how how much our environment affects our everyday lives.” said Tony Gerard.  “I have been an educator for over 30 years at Shawnee College, and one of my favorite courses in our field biology class.  I hope this series helps more people to appreciate and value the beautiful area we live in here in Southern Illinois.”

For information about the Science in Seconds series visit the Shawnee Community College YouTube Channel or to find about how you can sign up for field biology classes at SCC call 618.634.3200.

Rob & Tony