Actions from the June 2024 Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees Meeting

(Ullin, IL) June 21, 2024. The Board of Trustees of Shawnee Community College held  its regular monthly meeting on June 20, 2024, at 6:00 PM, on the main campus and via  teleconference. Several agenda items were addressed during the meeting. Complete  board meeting minutes are available for viewing by visiting this page.

Recognition of Guest

New employee Hannah Browning, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Career &  Technology was introduced to the Board. 

Agenda and Consent Agenda 

The Board approved the agenda and consent agenda which included approval of  Regular Board minutes from May 16, 2024 and Special Board Minutes from June 6,  2024; acceptance of the treasurer’s report, personnel report and ratification of Spring  2024 Faculty stipends and Spring 2024 Graduates as well as consideration of the  amended policy that was presented. 

Spring 2024 Adjunct Salaries 

The Board approved the Spring 2024 Adjunct salaries as they were presented. 

FY25 Tentative Budget 

The Board approved the FY25 tentative budget to be made available to the public, adopted the resolution and notice of public hearing for August 15, 2024, and authorized the CFO to post and advertise the tentative budget. 

FY25 Employees Listing 

The Board approved the FY25 Employee list and authorized the President to begin the  hiring process for new positions. 

FY25 Capital Projects and Equipment Lists 

The Board approved the lists as they were presented with further approval for the CFO  to initiate the task order and purchase processes, respectively. 

Dual Credit Tuition/Fee Waivers 

The Board approved the corrected FY25 dual credit tuition and fee waivers as  presented. 

Payment for Services 

The Board approved the payment to Vienna High School for services rendered for the  SIFTC grant. 

Blanket/Open Purchase Orders 

The Board approved the suggested blanket/open purchase orders presented.

Welding Equipment 

The Board approved the purchase of the augmented reality arc welding system. 

Service Agreement 

The Board approved the service agreement with Worldwide Instructional Design System  (WIDS). 

Task Order(s) 

The Board approved three task orders for Main Campus projects including the parking  lot resurfacing and repair, window replacement in H and K building and HVAC  replacement in I building. 

Administrative/Employee Related 

The Board approved the following hires: Dr. Micah Spicer (Business Administration  Instructor); Dr. Robinson Karunanithy (Physics Instructor); and Maggie Calcaterra  (Psychology Instructor) effective August 8, 2024 as well as ratified the part-time hourly  employees as listed. The Board approved the continuation of keeping written minutes  of executive sessions closed and approved the destruction of closed session  audiotapes held prior to January 2023.