Saints Foundation Legacy Society

Shawnee Community College exists because over 50 years ago, a compassionate and caring community of friends wanted to change lives for the better. People just like you. Please donate today and become a member of the Legacy Society. In doing so, you will help our students achieve their educational goals so that one day they may have successful careers providing support to themselves and their families and give back to the future generation of students.

Donations to the Saints Foundation Legacy Society provide; scholarships for tuition and books, support events, funding for the latest equipment and technology, training and access to quality education, building projects and so much more.

Saint – $10,000 (*)

Founder – $1,000

Mission – $500

Vision – $250

Partner – $100

Friend – $50

(*) A level for both one time gifts of $10,000, accumulated gifts over time totaling
$10,000, or for Donors who pledge to donate $1,000 per year for ten (10) years in
unrestricted funds.