Shawnee College Adult Literacy Experience (SCALE)

This Project is made possible by a grant awarded by the Illinois State Library, a division of the office of the Secretary of State, using funds designated for literacy.

The Shawnee Community College Volunteer Literacy Program has been providing literacy services since 1987. We use trained volunteer tutors to offer free one-to-one and small group tutoring in basic literacy, math and English language skills. All volunteer tutors receive 12 to 15 hours of training before tutoring and learners are matched accordingly for two to four hours each week.

Mission Statement

The Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program provides assistance in basic literacy, basic math, and English language skills to adults, who would benefit from individualized instruction, or who cannot access other instructional programs. Tutoring helps the learner:

  • Develop greater self-esteem
  • Exercise rights and responsibilities for self and family
  • Access job information and pursue career advancement
  • Become a participating member in the community
  • Become a lifelong learner


  • To serve adults in our community 16 and older by offering accessible and flexible educational opportunities in a community wide program.
  • To provide rewarding and successful volunteer experiences for members of the community through ongoing training, support and recognition activities.
  • To collaborate with other programs in the college, and with organizations and individuals outside of SCC to better meet student needs.
  • To supplement and complement classroom instruction offered by other programs within the Adult Education Department.
  • To collect and use data as feedback to demonstrate program effectiveness and drive continuous program improvement.
  • To promote adult literacy in the community.


The following core values drive the SCC Volunteer Literacy Program:

  • Literacy is a pathway to improving relationships and becoming self-sufficient and productive.
  • Literacy makes our communities more functional.
  • Our work is an investment in our learners.
  • Volunteers make a difference.
  • Learners share responsibility with tutors for the success of the learning experience.
  • We treat all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Cultural diversity can enhance learning and promote understanding and tolerance.


Contact for More Information

Adult Education / AHS Manager – 618-634-3419