Committee Charge – Executive Council


Committee Name:
Executive Council

Committee Type: Administrative – Policy

Mission/Purpose: The Executive Council (EC) will serve as the major planning and policy body of the College and is responsible for strategic planning, policy development, institutional effectiveness and coordinating the Councils that are part of the governance system.

Scope of Responsibility: The EC shall:

  • Oversee College policy, procedure, and guideline development.
  • Ensure policies, procedures, plans, and other matters are directed to the appropriate governance, administrative, or representative groups.
  • Ensure governance processes, accreditation processes, integrated plans, and activities promote institutional effectiveness, through informed data-driven decision-making, collaboration, assessment, communication, coordination, and refinement.
  • Make recommendations to the President regarding the implementation and progress of major college-wide planning and initiatives.
  • Develop and monitor implementation of the College’s strategic plan.
  • Review Strategic Plan Board Monitoring Reports.
  • Review and revise the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values Statements on a periodic basis.
  • Review and revise the College’s shared governance structure on a periodic basis.
  • Assess the College’s model of integrated planning.
  • Develop or suspend committees as needed through use of ad-hoc groups to research, analyze, and make recommendations.
  • Receive and review periodic updates and reports from committees.

Policy Responsibility: General (A1xxx), Public Relations (A8xxx), College Advancement (A9xxx).

Reporting: The EC reports to the President. The President will consider all recommendations made by EC and endorse those that benefit the College. All approved recommendations will be shared as informational items with the Board of Trustees.

Associated Committees: Academic Affairs Council; Student Affairs Council; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council; and Administrative Services Council.

Composition: VP’s, Executive Directors, Faculty (3), Staff (2), Subcommittee Chairs

Meeting Dates: First Thursday of Month from 10:00a – 12:00p.