B4003.01 Organizational Meeting

Operating Standard

Procedure Type: Board
Responsible: President
Related Policies: 
          B2000 Unity of Control
          B4000 (Section 1) Governance Commitment
          B4000 (Section 3) Board Authority & Responsibility
          B4001 (Section 7) Installation of Trustees
          B4002 (Sections 1-4, Sections 8&9) Board Leadership & Organization

Linked Procedures: None
Related Laws: 110 ILCS 805
Related Standards: None
HLC Criterion: 2C2C The governing board of the institution is autonomous to make decisions in the best interest of the institution in compliance with board policies and to ensure the institution’s integrity., 5A5A Through its administrative structures and collaborative processes, the institution’s leadership demonstrates that it is effective and enables the institution to fulfill its mission., 5B5B The institution’s resource base supports its educational offerings and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future., 5C5C The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning and improvement.

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Board Resolution – Declaration on Discharge of Duties
Board Resolution – Declaration of Election Results
Oath of Office – Trustee
Oath of Office – Student Trustee


Following each election and canvass, the new board shall hold its organizational meeting on or before the 28th day after the election (110 ILCS 805/3-8). Within five working days after the convening of the newly elected board or the new board as provided in Section 3-8 of the Act, the chair of the board of trustees shall certify in writing to the ICCB that the board of trustees has been organized. The certification shall include the name of the chair, vice chair, and the secretary and state the time and place of regular meetings. If the board, by resolution, establishes a policy for the terms of office to be one year, instead of the normal two years, or provides for the election of officers for the remaining one year, a copy of this resolution shall also accompany the certification (Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board, Section 1501.202).

The process for Board Organization include:

  1. Resolution to Accept the Consolidated Election Results
    • A certified copy of the election results is received from the Pulaski County Clerk and Recorder.
    • A declaration of election results is red by the Board Secretary.

  2. Adjournment of the previously elected Board (Sine Die)
    The term of the new Board commences after the old Board adjourns Sine Dine (e.g., final adjournment without expectation of future action).

  3. Call to order of the newly elected board

  4. Board Organization

  5. Appointment of a Temporary Officer
    Each officer shall hold his/her position until Board again reorganizes. This language provides the opportunity for Trustee(s) to serve as temporary officers until the Board elects new officers.

  6. Administering Oath of Office and Seating of Newly Elected Trustees
    • The Temporary Secretary administers the Oath of Office.
    • The Board reorganizes.

  7. Election of Board Officers
    • Office of the Chairperson
    • Office of the Vice Chairperson
    • Office of the Secretary

      Good evening. From a parliamentary procedure perspective, the term of the 29th Assembly of the Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees commences after the 28th Board adjourns Sine Die (see-nay de-ay). Once Sine Die happens, technically, all previous Trustees who have not been elected to serve on the new Board, cease to be a member of the Board. Further, all Board Officer positions are considered vacant.

      In this situation, consistent with the Illinois Public Community College Act (110 ILCS 805/3-8), which states, the president of the community college (or acting chief executive officer of the college) shall convene the new board, and conduct the election for chairman, vice chairman, and secretary. In addition, technically, new Trustees must take their oath before they can be seated as voting members of the Board.

      To these ends, serving a term from April 20– through March 20–, I convene (and call to order) the 29th Assembly of the Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees.

      To facilitate the Board Organization process, I appoint Trustee _____ as the Temporary Board Secretary.
      Secretary ______, please administer the oath of office and seat:
      • Trustee
      • Trustee
      • Student Trustee
      Secretary _____, please take roll call for the newly seated 29th assembly of the Shawnee Community College Board of Trustees.

      Board Policy Bylaw B4002, Sections 8 & 9 informs the Board Officer Selection process.

      At this time, I open the floor for nominations for the office of Chairperson. When making the nomination, please state you name for the record and your nomination. I recognize Trustee___, Trustee_____ would you please state your name for the record and your nomination?”

      Trustee NOMINEE do you consent to the nomination?  Yes    No

      Trustee NOMINEE has been nominated for the office of Board Chairperson, are there additional nominations?
      [CONTINUE until there are no further nominations]

      Hearing no further nominations, nominations for the office of Board Chairperson are closed.

      May I have a second motion to nominate and elect Trustee NOMINEE to the office of Board Chair?

      Any discussion?

      Secretary ______ would you please take a roll call vote? Motion carries.

      Congratulations Chairperson.

      Mr./Ms. Chairperson, would you prefer me to continue officiating the election of Vice Chair and Secretary or would you prefer to officiate?

      If more than one nominee is presented, Secretary Moore would you please take a roll call vote for Trustee NOMINEE to be elected to the office of OFFICE?

      Trustee NOMINEE-1 received __ votes for the office of OFFICE.
      Trustee NOMINEE-2 received __ votes for the office of OFFICE.
      [REPEAT for all nominees]

      Trustee ___ received the majority of the votes. May I have a motion and second to accept the results of the vote?

      Any discussion? Secretary ______ would you please take a roll call vote? Motion carries.

      Congratulations OFFICE HOLDER.

  8. Consideration of Appointment of Board Delegates
    The Board Chairperson appoints delegates to external professional organizations and the Saints Found as part of the Board’s organizational process.
    • Liaison to Professional Associations
    • Liaison to Saints Foundation

  9. Consideration of Appointment of Board Committees
    The process and principles for appointment Board Committees are noted in B4002, Section 7.
    Board Finance Committee

    • Ad Hoc Board Committee(s)

  10. Adopt Resolution to Confirm the Schedule of Regular Board Meetings
    According to 110 ILCS 805/3-8, the Board “shall fix a time and place for its regular meetings.” The statute also states, “Public notice of the schedule of regular meetings for the next calendar year, as set at the organizational meeting, must be given at the beginning of that calendar year.”

  11. Adopt Resolution to Accept the Rules, Regulations, & Action of Prior Boards
    Illinois statute 110 ILCS 805/3-8 requires the Board to “enter upon the discharge of its duties” during its organizational meeting. Essentially, this is a legal phrase that suggests the Board must declare how they intend to operate.

  12. Declaration on Discharge of Duties (Board Resolution)

    The Board agrees to follow past practices and procedures. The Secretary shall rotate the order of calling upon Board members to cast votes on each roll call vote. Explanation of votes are not allowed during the taking of a roll call vote. Roberts Rules of Order will be followed for general procedural guidelines but will not be adopted. When voice votes are taken, any Trustee may ask for a roll call vote on that issue.

  13. Adopt Ceremonial Resolution Honoring Exiting Trustee(s)


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