B3013 Sustained Presidential Leadership

Policy Type: Board- Executive Limitations
Responsible: President
Related Policies: B2001, B2002, B2003
Linked Procedures: None
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: None
HLC Criterion: 2C

Policy Statement

Since the Board delegates administrative and operational authority to the President in the B2001 Delegation to the President policy, the Board has an interest in ensuring that Presidential services and responsibilities continue in the event the President is unable to perform the duties outlined in the B2002 President Accountability policy.  In such an event, the Board will need to determine if an interim or permanent President replacement is necessary by conducting a special meeting or at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

To help the Board plan for this contingency and expedite the decision-making process, the President shall not fail to ensure that the College’s CAO, CSSO, and/or CFO are familiar with the current strategic and operational initiatives being conducted and can substantially perform the duties outlined in the B2002 President Accountability policy.


Change Log

Date of ChangeDescription of ChangeGovernance Unit
03-07-22Initial AdoptionBoard of Trustees