B3010 Communication and Counsel to the Board


Policy Type: Board- Executive Limitations
Responsible: President
Related Policies: B2001, B2002, B2003, B3000, B3001, B3002, B3003, B3004, B3005, B3006, B3007, B3008, B3009, B3011, B3012, B3013
Linked Procedures: None
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: None
HLC Criterion: 2C2C The governing board of the institution is autonomous to make decisions in the best interest of the institution in compliance with board policies and to ensure the institution’s integrity.

B3010 Communication and Counsel to the Board PDF

Policy Statement

As the Board’s primary employee, the President shall provide the Board with information and recommendations that assist the Board with performing its oversight and fiduciary functions. The President will not permit the Board to be inadequately informed.

Accordingly, the President shall not:

  1. Neglect to submit monitoring data (as noted in the B1002 Monitoring College Effectiveness and B2003 Monitoring President Effectiveness policies) in a complete, timely, accurate, and understandable fashion.
  2. Fail to make the Board aware of relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, actual or anticipated legal actions, or material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any Board policy has previously been established.
  3. Fail to advise the Board, if in the President’s opinion, the Board is not in compliance with Governance Process and Board Delegation of Authority policies.
  4. Fail to advise the Board, if in the President’s opinion, the Board (or individual Trustees) encroach on College activities that are the responsibility of the President.
  5. Present information that is knowingly misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete and does not consider supporting and opposing points of view.
  6. Fail to deal with the Board as a whole except when (a) fulfilling Trustee requests for information or (b) responding to officers or committees as duly charged by the Board.
  7. Fail to report, in a timely manner, an actual or anticipated noncompliance with any policy of the Board, federal law, state law, or local ordinance.
  8. Fail to communicate with the Board as a whole on matters relating to the Board’s oversight and fiduciary roles.
  9. Fail to notify the Board of Trustee of information requests as noted in Board Procedure B4000.01.
  10. Fail to provide a mechanism for official Board approved communications.


Change Log

Date of Change Description of Change Governance Unit
03-07-22 Initial Adoption Board of Trustees
06-15-23 Minor grammatical edits; added monitoring expectations Board of Trustees