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SCC Book Club

This organization was started to allow students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to broaden their horizons by reading and discussing a book that the students have chosen.
It allows SCC students an outlet and the opportunity to engage in academic discourse outside of the classroom, and encourages students to develop critical thinking skills. It also provides for the development of social skills since it is a discussion-based forum.

Book Club Sponsors:
Kylie Stalides and Roberta Christie

Book Club Leaders
Lacey Rendleman, Brittney Jones, and Sarah Wingate

Book Club Members
Lauren Benton
Julie Blacherd
Becky Casper
Roberta Christie (sponsor)
Jesse Covey
Rhonda Dillow
Heather Eddleman
Rebecca Elliott
Kari Gholson
Alisa Goines
Kim Helleny
Ramone Ivy
Brittney Jones (student leader)
Amber Lance
Jessica Lance
Tara Lance
Yolanda Lyas
Connie McGinnis
J. Brent Morrison
Keturah Nelson
Stacy Nicklow
Lacey Rendleman (student leader)
Angela Sams
Kylie Stalides (sponsor)
Angela Temke
Jamie Webb
Jess Wettig
Sarah Wingate (student leader)
Robert Woolridge
Susan Woolridge

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