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Shawnee Community College Commends Honor Students

Shawnee Community College has wrapped up another successful semester. We wanted to take the time to acknowledge those students whom worked hard all semester long and earned their spot on the President's and Vice President's Honors Lists.

The President's Honors List criterion consists of students being enrolled full-time for summer 2014 (12 credit hours), and having a 4.0 GPA. The following students are on the President's List for the summer 2014 semester:

Alto Pass: Karlyn Furry

Anna: Jodie Casleton, Allison Conner, Crystal Davis, Jessica Dillow, Mary Kerr, Austin Mixen, Kaleigh Pressler, Tatiana Reagan, Courtney Root, Kyle Vosburgh, Herman Wells, and Madeline Wingate.

Brookport: Makayla Amos.

Buncombe: Amanda Conaway and Mary White.

Cairo: Shayla Brooker, Arnold Burris, Jamie Johnson, Michelle Nelson, Cynthia Redd, Haley Ruiz, Kerri Vasser, Darrell Watkins, and Jonise Wells.

Carbondale: Anastacia Simons.

Charleston: Shardonney Perkins.

Cobden: Dacota Knop, Jessica Webb, and Ashley Welborn.

Dongola: Cassondra Gorst, Michael McGill, Brenna Newman, and Logan Wiseman.

Goreville: Morgan Potocki, Jonathan Troop, and Stephen Troop.

Grantsburg: Victoria Thomas.

Jonesboro: Kelsea Fairless, Robin Lacy, Forrest Palis, Taylor Smith, Amanda Stamp, Jacob Stark, and Trina Wise.

Joppa: Molly Lewis.

Karnak: Ryan Bradley, Jourdan Caudle, Myles Harrison, and Devin Thornton.

Makanda: Layna Henry.

McClure: Daniel Parris.

Metropolis: Joshua Artman, Susan Bunting, April Danner, Joshua Ervin, Antonia Hutcheson, Lisa Ott, Ricky Parmer,

Lyndsey Sparks, Jaylin Tockstein, Hannah Weber, and Tyson Wyman.

Mounds: Wymane Brown.

Paducah: Summer Doles.

Tamms: April Blaney and Kaitlyn Lipe.

Thebes: Kristopher Powell, Bret Steele, and Saundra Wathen.

Ullin: Amber McInstosh, Kaitlyn Nale, and Brandon Pratt.

Vienna: Jamee Cole, Quin Davault, Stephanie Davault, Edward Dover, Linda Gage, Amie Glisson, Richard Hartig, Emily Hartmann, Pamela Kirkwood, Amanda Miles, Randy Reeder, and Jami Shipley.

The Vice President's Honors List criterion consists of students being enrolled full-time in summer 2014 (12 credit hours), and having a 3.5 to 3.9 GPA. The following students are on the Vice President's List for the summer 2014 semester:

Anna: Kelsie Clutts, Martin Flores, Krystin Grant, Madison Housman, Ian Marx, Shannon Mileur, Karli Soule, Katlyn Turner, and Carol Wingate.

Belknap: Parker Kester.

Brookport: Mary Hudspeth.

Cairo: Shamika Allen and Tiffany Sartore.

Cobden: Bobbie Borgman, Leda Clark, and Leslie Gearhart.

Goreville: Brandi Billingsley, Raeghan Goins, and Emily Miles.

Grand Chain: Caden Hight.

Grand Tower: Sarah Burdick and Christopher Jordan.

Grantsburg: Audra Bullock.

Jonesboro: Kaitlyn Earnhart.

Karnak: Kameron Chumbler, Antonio McDaniels, and Darius McGoughy.

Marion: Sharrieff Woodson.

Metropolis: Tera Gist, Amanda Henderson, and Mackenzie Meadows-Puckett.

Mounds: Rosetta Mitchell.

Olmsted: Aaron Woods.

Pulaski: Ian Retrigue.

Tamms: Cierra Crisler.

Thebes: Jessica Graham and Olivia Khourie.

Ullin: Samuel Chavarria.

Vienna: Anita Duer.

Villa Ridge: John Hammon.

On behalf of the college, we want to congratulate all these students on their hard work this semester. For more information, please contact SCC at 618-634-3200 or online at

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