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SCC Names Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year

Shawnee Community College grants their Full-Time Faculty Member of the Year Award to Tim Frizzell of Grand Chain, IL. Tim is also a nominee for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member Award. This award recognizes the high achievement of Illinois' full-time community college instructors.

Tim received his Associate of Arts degree at Shawnee Community College in 2000, his Bachelor of Science Speech Communication (Magna Cum Laude) degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2002, and his Master of Science in Speech Communication degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2003.

Tim joined the Shawnee Community College family in 2005 as an Adjunct Instructor for Speech and English. He then became the Educational Center Coordinator at Shawnee Community College in 2007. In 2008, Tim became a full-time Speech and Theater Instructor at SCC. Tim has served as Director of Theater Productions for the college for over 9 years.

Tim has been involved with many different committees at the college including the Fiscal Planning Committee, Assessment Committee, Wellness & Cultural Events Committee, Higher Learning Commission Self-Study Committee (Asst. Co-Chair), and Drama Club Supervisor.

When asked the question, "What is education to you?" Tim stated the following: "I do not know if I know what education is, but I do feel like I know what it should be. Education should be about challenging us to think, dream, and go beyond the boundaries of a building, a town, our state, and our country to fully explore all of the complexities and simplicities of this life. Education should be about exploring the depths of the self so that we understand who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Education should be about discovery-about becoming aware of our lack of knowledge instead of wallowing in the despair of it, relishing the experience of enlightenment. Education should not be found only in a school-it should be found in forests, mountains, deserts, on the ocean, in the air, in our homes, our cars, books, our friends, our families, and within ourselves. Education should be a journey-one that doesn't culminate with degrees, licenses, or endorsements-but the results in a lifetime of knowledge, experiences, and relationships that have shaped us into the people we always hoped we would be. Education should not be something tangible that we acquire and frame for the wall; it should be something we do everyday. Education should enable us to stand up, speak out, and lead when others sit in silence. So what is education? I know what it should be. It should be the door to endless possibilities."

Tim has been married to Charity (Burchfield) Frizzell for 15 years. They have four wonderful children: Abigail, Claire, Samuel, and Emma. They make their home in Grand Chain, Illinois. Tim is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Private Pilot. In his spare time, Tim loves to play guitar, fly airplanes, and is currently building his new home with his family.

SCC's Marketing Coordinator Emily Cicardi asked Tim what he loved about teaching at SCC and he answered, "I love teaching at SCC because every day is different. I am never bored in the classroom. I get to interact with people of various ages and backgrounds, which I really enjoy. I like it because no two days are exactly the same-it changes with the time and people. We still learn how to organize and deliver speeches, or how to communicate clearly in relationships, or that the Ancient Romans invented pantomime-but the people are different and all those things are applied differently to each of their lives. In short-I love teaching because I get to learn something every day. I am their student as much as I am their teacher. It has its ups and downs no doubt, but I usually end up smiling at the end of each class. SCC has always been a great place to learn and be part of. My days as a student are some of my fondest memories, and now that I get to sit on the other side of the desk, I have made new memories and shared some great experiences with the best faculty, staff, and students around."

Shawnee Community College is proud to have such a fine individual within our family to fill the minds of these students with a great education. We commend Tim on all his hard work and determination and wish him the best in years to come.

For more information contact SCC's Marketing Coordinator, Emily Elliott at 618-634-3270 or

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