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Student Success Center

     The Student Success Center, located in Rooms H2086, H2087, H2088 on the Shawnee Community College main campus, is available to all students currently enrolled in programs at the college or its extension centers. The center offers word processing facilities and tutorial services to supplement a wide variety of classes offered by the college.

Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Testing Lab

     The Testing Lab offers a wide variety of testing services, including the Compass test, the Asset test, the Psychological Services Bureau, Inc. tests, the TABE test, distance learning tests, and make up testing services. Appointments are required, and a photo I.D. is required for all testing services. The Testing Lab is located in Room H2088.

Tutoring Lab

     Students who would like to obtain the services of a tutor may receive tutorial assistance through the Student Success Center (SSC) Tutoring Lab. The Tutoring Lab is located in Room H2087 on Main Campus, and tutorial services are also available at the Anna Center, the Cairo Center, and the Metro Center. Both professional tutors and peer tutors are available, and both individual and group tutoring services are available.

     All peer tutors must complete the classes they want to tutor with a grade of "B" or higher, complete the Tutor Training Program, and submit written recommendations from their instructors. Additional information may be required as needed, and all tutoring arrangements are subject to approval by the Student Success Center Coordinator.

Writing Lab

     The Writing Lab is available to students to work with word processing software and to do Internet research. The Writing Lab may also be reserved to hold classes and workshops and has Smart Board technology for presentations. The Writing Lab is located in Room H2086.


     The Student Success Center also offers online tutoring services. Students can receive assistance in numerous subjects including accounting, anatomy, biology, chemistry, math, physiology, research methods, and writing by accessing the online tutoring website, which will give them a variety of options from which to choose. Students may upload documents for writing feedback, chat with available tutors in a chat room, or post a question for an online tutor to address. The site also includes a resource library, which contains an extensive collection go links for information in many subject areas.

For More Information Contact:
Mindy Ashby - Student Success Center Coordinator
at 1-800-481-2242 ext. 3316 or e-mail


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