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Requirements for Financial Aid

    The purpose of the financial assistance program is to provide financial aid to students who would be unable to attend college without such aid. Financial assistance at Shawnee Community College is available in the form of scholarships, grants, part-time employment, waivers, and loans. Information and applications may be obtained from the Financial Aid Services Office in the Administration Building.

To be eligible for financial assistance at Shawnee Community College, a student must first fulfill the following basic requirements:

  1. Be enrolled at Shawnee Community College in an eligible program of study.
  2. Possess a high school diploma recognized by the state of residence of the student or possess a High School Equivalency Certificate (GED).
  3. Be enrolled in a minimum number of semester credit hours of eligible course work, as specified by the individual financial aid program. Community education courses, ABE/GED courses, audited courses, certain repeated courses, and courses that cannot be used as credit towards any eligible SCC certificate or degree are not eligible for all types of federal financial aid programs. NOTE: Courses repeated after a student has received a grade of A, B, C, or D will NOT be counted in determining the amount of federally-funded financial aid, including the Federal Pell grant, unless the student is allowed to earn credit for the course more than once.
  4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a renewal FAFSA. Identify Shawnee Community College, code number 007693, as the college of choice.
  5. Meet all eligibility requirements outlined in the Shawnee Community College Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. For more information regarding Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients, Monitoring Procedures, and Appeals, see pages 36-40.
  6. Document financial need status for the individual financial aid programs through a valid Student Aid Report (SAR) or federal Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR).
  7. Provide any documentation requested by the Financial Aid Services Office, including federal tax forms, to complete the verification process.

   Financial need is generally considered to be the difference between one academic year's educational expenses (tuition, books, room, board, commuting costs, etc.), as determined by an average student budget, and the student's resources for the same period. Student educational resources are expected to include assistance from parents, guardians, relatives, personal savings, other scholarships, grants, and personal earnings. Students are responsible for providing from their own and their family's resources as much of their educational expenses as possible. Average student budgets used by Shawnee Community College to assist in determining financial aid are accessible on the internet at

   Students applying for graduation who have received financial aid will be required to be cleared by the Financial Aid Services Office before the graduation application will be processed. Students who have received loans will be required to complete an Exit Interview.

Academic Year

   The SCC academic year for all financial aid programs is defined as one fall semester and one spring semester, each including a minimum of 15 weeks of instruction, during which a full-time student earns a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. All programs, even those utilizing non-standard semester terms with multiple starting dates, fall under this definition. The summer semester ends the academic year but is not considered as equal to the fall or spring semester defining the academic year.

   Each semester (fall, spring, and summer) is considered a payment period for financial aid purposes. Financial aid payments are made to each eligible enrolled student once each fall and spring semester. Pell payments may also be made for the summer semester if the student has an award amount remaining by attending less than full-time during the fall and/or spring semester.

   Summer financial aid disbursements are made based on the same credit-hour requirements as during the fall/spring semesters (i.e. 12 eligible hours or more equals full-time, 9-11 eligible hours equals three-quarter time; 6-8 eligible hours equals half-time; and 5 eligible hours or less equals less-than-half-time).

For More Information Contact:
Dr. Tammy Capps - Director of Financial Aid/Coordinator of Veterans and Military Personnel Student Services
at 1-800-481-2242 ext. 3280 or e-mail


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