Shawnee Community College

Single Course Enrollment
(Not Degree or Certificate-Seeking Students)

Follow these steps if you are:
Just taking one or two classes, with no current plans to earn a degree from Shawnee College.

  • Send Your Admission Information
    When sending, make sure you know whether we consider you in-district or out-of-district; this will be important later.

  • Activate your free student e-mail account.

  • Register for classes through "Saints Online."
    NOTE: You cannot register online if you have earned less than 6 credit hours at SCC. If you do not qualify to register online call our admissions department directly at (618) 634-3247.

  • Or Print and Mail

  • Pay the Bill

    For More Information Contact:
    Admissions and Advising
    at 1-800-481-2242 or (618) 634-3200 or e-mail


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