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Instructor 3313
Dr. Vickie Artman Vice President of Instructional Services 3219
Mindy Ashby Student Success Center Coordinator 3316
Jipaum Askew-Robinson Vice President of Student and Administrative Services 3360
Jo Ella Basler Division Chair/ Instructor 3274
Lou Basler Anna Fitness Center Coordinator 3452
Financial Aid Specialist 3265
Ed Billingsley Agriculture Coordinator 3264
Chris Barr Director of Institutional Research 3349
David Black Instructor 3336
Sabrina Black Student Information System Specialist 3275
Dr. Dee Blakely Dean of Student Administrative Services 3247
Danielle Boyd Registrar 3298
Masasha Boyd Executive Secretary I 3291
Dr. Peggy Bradford President 3221
Instructor 3345
Student Counselor 3322
Dr. Brenda Brown Instructor 3258
Computer Lab Assistant 3272
Linda Brown Exec. Secretary II (Nursing) 3282
Dr. Tammy Capps Director of Financial Aid/Coordinator of Veterans & Military Personnel 3280
Heather Casner Perkins/Special Needs Coordinator 3228
Virginia Chamness Administrative Assistant 3211
Instructor 3328
I.T. Director 3233
Lora Clark Executive Secretary I
Erin Comley Traffic Safety Coordinator (Anna Center)
Instructor 3241
Instructor 3202
Stephanie Davault Bookstore Assistant 3218
Don W. (DW) Davis Advising Specialist (Anna Center) 3456
Evelyn Davis Executive Secretary (Trio SSS/ETS) 3287
April Dill Instructor 3287
Division Chair/Instructor 3251
Amanda Doepke SIU Servce Center Coordinator 3330
Carolyn Dumas Executive Administrative Assistant - President 3260
Coordinator of Center for Community and Economic Development 3231
Kyle Echols Business & Health Specialist 3254
Paul Echols Instructor 3225
Gabriele Farner Dean of Instructional Services 3240
Christina Faulkner Accounts Payable Clerk 3299
Computer Service Specialist 3335
Stephanie Fisher Cairo Center Coordinator 3490
Sandy Fontana Instructor 3317
Emily Forthman Human Resource Director 3223
Tim Frizzell Instructor 3234
Medical Office Asst. Instructor 3273
Instructor 3268
Blake Goforth ETS Academic Specialist/Recruiter 3424
Instructor/Director of Nursing 3277
Distance Learning/Testing Assistant (Anna Center) 3453
Tanya Hill S.S.S. Career/Transfer Advisor 3252
Lorena Hines Instructor 3332
Karen Houston Payroll Specialist 3288
Director Educational Talent Search 3374
Lindsay Johnson Director Anna Center\Recruiter 3451
Tracey Johnson Librarian 3271
Faye Joyner-Keene Metro Center Director 3471
Erin King Advisor/Admissions Specialist 3380
Amanda Kirby Administrative Assistant I (CFO & VPSS) 3382
Don Koch Facilities Director 3289
Randy Lingle Welding Instructor 3444
Division Chair/Instructor 3203
Robert Lucas Educational Technology Specialist 3367
Allied Health Tutor 3327
Instructor 3229
Ginger McBride Alternative High School Coordinator 3419
Connie McGinnis Instructor 3267
Mike McNally Instructor 3354
Executive Secretary II - Financial Aid 3246
Local Network Administrator 3302
Dr. Ian Nicolaides Instructor 3386
Debbie Penrod Instructor 3294
Executive Assistant I 3390
Erica Poat Bookstore Manager 3218
Wade Ralls Truck Driving Coordinator 3384
Mindy Reach SSS Academic and Retention Specialist 3226
WIA Case Manager (JTPA) 3293
Sheryl Ribbing Instructor 3220
Lana Richmond Women's Softball Coach 3372
John Rivera Science Lab Assistant/Safety Officer 3315
Lisa Root Instructional Services Program Assistant 3250
Tiffiney Ryan Vice President of Financial and Campus Operations 3242
Instructor 3334
Kayla Sauerbrunn Instructor 3217
Admissions Specialist/Advisor/Baseball Coach 3244
Stacy Simpson Executive Assistant I 3266
Mary Smith Instructor 3285
Division Chair/ Instructor 3347
Jesse Smith-Fulia Instructor 3249
Men's Basketball Coach/Fitness Ctr. Coordinator/ Athletic Director 3230
Marty Stoner Campus Safety 3232
Hayley Story Advisor/Recruiter (Metro Center) 3474
Director of Learning Resources and Instructional Technology 3276
Amber Suggs Student Support Services Director 3236
Dr. Ryan Thornsberry Instructor 3329
Lee VanAlstine Instructor 3206
Jonathan Van Meter I.T. Support Specialist 3283
Instructor 3262
James Walton Educational Talent Search Academic Specialist 3214
Leslie Weldon Career Services Coordinator 3337
Brett Whitnel Small Business Counselor 3213
Brandy Woods Director of Business Services 3417
Robert Woolridge Instructor 3295
Accountant 3239
Bursar 3243



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