Shawnee Community College

Associate of General Studies

The General Studies Associate Degree program is designed to:

NOTE: Selected courses within the program may be transferable.

General requirements for graduation with an Associate in General Studies (AGS) Degree include:

Course Requirements for graduation with an Associate in General Studies (AGS) Degree are:

1. Required Courses Minimum 22 Semester Hours

a. ENG 111 - English Composition
b. ENG 112 - English Composition
c. SPC 111 - Speech
d. Mathematics elective
e. Science elective
f. Social Science elective
g. Humanities elective
h. SEM 111 - College Orientation

2. A minimum of six courses selected from 18 - 22 Semester Hours three different subject areas within the divisions of communications, mathematics, science, humanities, or social science.

3. Electives (May be taken from either 20 - 24 Semester Hours baccalaureate or occupational fields of study). At least ten hours must be taken in one field of study.

For More Information Contact:
Admissions and Advising
at 1-800-481-2242 or (618) 634-3200 or e-mail


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