Shawnee Community College

Computer Usage Policy
(Policy Manual: Section 4369)

     Individuals who utilize the SCC computing facilities and information resources are bound by this policy.

General Responsibilities

     The Computer Usage Policy applies to all members of the College community using the institution’s computer resources. This includes administrators, faculty, staff, students, and members of the community. Use of computer resources includes utilizing computer equipment at any SCC facility including various computer labs, classrooms, offices, libraries and the use of the SCC servers from any location.

     Computer accounts and computer access are privileges and require the individual user to act responsibly. By using the SCC accounts, users have agreed to respect the rights of other users and accounts, to use the account only for school-related purposes, and to safeguard the integrity of the system and its related physical resources. Users have agreed to observe all relevant laws and institutional policies regarding information resources.


     All user files, including e-mail files, are not to be relied upon as confidential. SCC explicitly does not guarantee or warrantee the confidentiality of these files. It is the practice of the Information Technology Department (IT) to respect the confidential nature of user files, but reserves the right to view or alter user files when it is necessary. For example, files may need to be examined or accessed in the event of unauthorized use or misuse, or due to corruption or damage. Any IT employee must have their director’s permission prior to investigating a user file.


     All users must follow all relevant copyright laws. US Copyright law governs reproduction and distribution of software and other material, including text, fonts, graphics, sound, video, and others. The End User License Agreement (EULA) for a product specifies the conditions under which a user may copy or install a product. The EULA purchased by the institution also controls the number of users who may utilize the product. Please review the EULA for complete information on your rights as an end user of these products.


     Misuse of computing, networking, or information resources includes but is not limited to the following:


     All existing federal and state laws and College regulations apply, including the laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, and those that may apply generally to personal conduct.

     Misuse of computing, networking, or information resources may result in a loss of such privileges. Deliberate violations of these policies will be dealt with in the same manner as violations of other college policies and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

SCC Supported Software

     The institution’s IT department will provide support for application software that is licensed and owned by SCC. Freeware/Shareware programs are not supported unless they appear on the supported software list. Individuals who utilize SCC computer equipment are responsible for contacting the IT department prior to purchasing or installing software programs. In an effort to promote system stability and compliance, the IT department reserves the right to uninstall any programs that are found to be illegal copies, not owned by SCC, or interfere with the operation of any system or network. For a current listing of supported software, please contact the Director of Information Technology.

More Information Contact:
Chris Clark - M.I.S. Director
at 1-800-481-2242 ext. 3233 or e-mail


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