Preserve Transparency

We've done quite a bit with colors in this chapter, now it is time to look at something new: transparency. This deals with how the layers or singular sections of an image work without their backgrounds.

Notice the picture on page 110 in your book. This image has a yellow background and different layers for the circle, the word "your" and "Logo" and "here".

This layered image can be recolored by preserving the transparency of the layer and just coloring the image information on the image.

When you change the color information or anything else on a particular layer, make sure to keep the layer selected when you make the change and then click the preserve transparency button on the top of the layer information. This means that Photoshop will protect the transparent areas of this layer.

When you finish this section, complete the rest of the lessons and then move on to the next chapter on text.

Have fun with this because you can do some really neat stuff with PhotoShop and coloring images.