Setting the Swatches Palette to Web Colors

This section details how to set the swatches to web colors by changing the swatch file it looks at. In doing so, you will have set the palette to colors that will always show up as you want them to in most any browser. Again, these sections allow you to use these web safe colors to ensure that you can see them in the browser without any problems.

The swatches come packaged in PhotoShop in a folder called "goodies" so you won't have to hunt for them. You can however download the color palette shown in the next lesson from so you can use them. This palette also has various hues and saturations that make for good color combinations useful for setting color schemes in your web pages. The palette is also included in the book CD and you can copy them to your own folder to use them at any time. By varying the hue of a color, you can find colors that work well with backgrounds, text and buttons for use in your own web site.

I particularly like the color palette because you can see all of the colors and use them to set up a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye. Complete these two lessons, 6 and 7 and then proceed to the next section on dither.