Snapping to Web Colors and Setting the Color Palette

In these two lessons, you will learn to set the color selected to the nearest web safe color.

First, you should deselect the "only web colors" button in the color picker then look at the graphic on page 94. Notice the little box next to the foreground/background colors. If you click on that button, the color will "snap" to the next nearest web safe color. Give it a try right now...Make sure to look at the Hexadecimal number before and after you do the color snap.

In Lesson 5, you will be setting the colors palette to web safe colors. This allows you to be able to quickly pick web safe colors. In the graphic on page 95, you see where it shows you how to make the ramp web safe. The ramp is the color bar at the bottom of the color palette. Changing the setting here allows you to set and pick web safe colors at will. The next section will let us set the color swatches to web safe colors and hues.