Chapter 5 - Web Color

I never really paid much attention to web color until I looked at some pictures that I had made for the web on my old IBM 8514 VGA monitor. It was horrible! The monitor is old anyway, I've had it since October of 1992 but it still works. I hooked it up to a new computer this past December and went on the web with it.

First of all I had to reconfigure the monitor settings for 640X480 pixels so the images would show up on the screen. Then it didn't make any difference that I had changed the colors to high color or true color or 256 colors, it was still the same. But when I looked at some of the images I had placed on some web pages, I realized that my old monitor couldn't handle the colors beyond 256.

Although it is not ultimately important that we watch our color arrangements, it is polite to address them. Some people cannot afford to upgrade their monitors or browsers or computers. You know these things are expensive. So we must be color conscious about other systems that cannot handle these more exotic colors.

Let's examine this in chapter 5, web color.