Setting up for Optimization in ImageReady

Notice on page 62 that we are on Lesson 8 and now it says [IR] next to that lesson. We are now going to switch to ImageReady and optimize some files. This is basically the same thing that we just did in PhotoShop, but using ImageReady to do it. Complete these next four lessons on using ImageReady to optimize files.

We are going to use a Matte feature in lesson 10. The matte feature allows us to pick a color to go around an image for use in a web page. If I had matted the buttons using rounded not cornered images, I could have used the JPEG format to do it. Since the images are not rounded, I didn't need this feature, but it is handy to make images blend with their surroundings.

Lesson 11 lets us preview the image and associated html code to save the information so we can view it as a web page.

Lesson 12 will introduce us to the intricacies of using Lossy compression with a GIF file. This is handy because it lets us make the files smaller without losing much information and picture quality. Great stuff!

Anyway, this brings us to the end of chapter 4. Next proceed to chapter 5 and we will examine some web safe colors.