Chapter 4 - Optimization

This chapter deals with file size and how to make them small enough so that the pages load quickly. Notice the background of this page. I made it with PhotoShop. I also have included it in every page so it loads on the first time you come into the site. This is handy because it 26kb, a pretty good size file. Granted, the first time you come into the site, the first page loads slowly, but after that, the background file is already loaded into your cache memory in the browser's temporary files. So instead of having to go all the way back to the server to get the file, it just gets it from memory. This is only one way of getting around having big files on your web site.

Another way is to have PhotoShop optimize the files. In this chapter, we will examine ways to do this. Caution: this is a long chapter, one of the longest we will cover because it is such an important part of the job we have to do. Whether t is limitations on colors or file size limitations with a free website, the image files you put on your site need to be as small as possible.

Let's take a look at that now! Are you ready to compress some files?