Viewing Hidden Tools in the Toolbars of PhotoShop and ImageReady

Viewing the tools or finding them sometimes can be a chore that can be a challenge. It is really simple. The screen shot to the left of the toolbar shows the lasso tool selected. This shows the other lasso tools associated with this default tool selection.

If you click and hold the mouse button on a tool with an arrow in the lower right-hand corner, you will see the hidden tools in the tool bar palette. As you can see there are many of these hidden tools. You should experiment on each of them to see where they are.

Just for your information, I made these screen captures in PhotoShop by clicking on the print screen button combination. The screen capture is then copied to the PhotoShop clipboard. Next go to File and New and select ok. Then just paste the screen capture into the empty area. I then used the Crop tool to crop out the section I wanted to include in the web page. Then using the Save for web option, I saved the image for use in this web page.

Simple huh? Well, it may take you a few tries to get it right, but try it! It works really easy, once you get the print screen to work, it is easy.

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