Changing Your PhotoShop Preferences for the Web

This section of the book will save you lots of time when you create your images. In the Preferences section of the menu, you will first go in and change the units from inches to pixels. This is a good step to work with because you will not normally be concerned about how many inches an image is, only it's size in pixels. This is the standard for sizing images used on the web. If you don't do this, you will have to change the units every time you use it to make an image.

Preferences Dialog Box

Also change the section on column size to points. This will help you size things on the web.

The next section sets up your scratch disk, the disk that will be used to save your temporary files. If you only have one hard disk on your machine, leave it as-is, but if you have more than one disk, choose the one with the most space on it.

This brings us to the end of chapter 3. The next chapter will lead us to start using some of these tools we have been talking about and actually working with some files. See you there!