Here is the schedule for the WORD labs this Spring 2016 semester here at Shawnee College:

These laboratory exercises are set to be self paced. The schedule here it to keep you on task and up with the rest of the class. There will be tests over this material so you will need to keep up.

To do the labs you must have a lab book. The lab book is set up so you can read along with the case study that is involved with the lab. Your instructor will assist you in getting started, but the lab book is the only tool you will need to succeed in this section of the class.

There is a lab and exercise for each item due on a certain date. You read the book and follow the instructions there step-by-step and you won't have much trouble. Do not jump ahead. Read along. If you do this you will not have problems with the lab tests. (Craig Bradley)

(Files can be downloaded from this page.  Just click on the underlined filename to download.)

Lab 1, starting on page WD1.1 read through each page and complete each task until you reach the end of the lab on page WD1.65. WD1.3 shows you the printouts you will be submitting for grades. Each of the black bold colored areas in the margins tells you when to complete a task and what to do by numbered step in a brown colored circle. Also complete Lab 1, Exercise 2 page WD1.77-8. You will use the files below to complete the labs. Click on each one following the directions beside the files to download each file. If you are using Internet Explorer, right click the file name and select "save target as". They will open fine when you open them in Word 2013 or 2010. You should be using Office 2013. You cannot use Office 2007 or 2003 to do your work in the class.

Download these files: wd01_Flyer1

                                                            Cover Sheet - Put this on your assignments to turn them in
Assignment List Sheet - Keep track of your assignments

Due January 31, 2016.

Lab 2, starting on page WD2.1 and continuing to the end of the lab. Also Lab 2, Exercise 3 on page WD2.99-100.

Download these files:wd02_Flyer2
                            wd02_Tour Letter
                            wd02_Fitness Fun

Due February 14, 2016.

Lab 3, starting on page WD3.1 and LAB 3, Exercise 4 on page WD3.108-10.

Download these files:
Mt Kilimangaro.jpg

wd03_Tour Research

ATT Brochure
wd03 Tracey

Due on February 21, 2016.

Word Lab Test Due February 28 , 2016 .

Once these labs are completed, proceed to the Microsoft Excel labs.

 Last updated January 14, 2016 .