Your access Labs are as follows:


To download files in Internet Explorer, right click the file name then click "save target as". Make sure to point to your flash drive and then click save.

Lab 1 page AC1.1 to AC1.83 and Lab 1, Exercise 2 on page AC1.96 are due on April 3, 2016 .
    Files are generated for these labs.
    Download these files:

     ac01 SycamoreHouse
The file saved here will be used in lab 2 exercise so make sure to do this one first.

Lab 2 page AC2.1 to AC2.81 and Lab 2, Exercise 4 on page AC2.98 are due on April 10, 2016 .
     Download these files:

ac02_123_Any_Street Photo

You will use Rocky Mountain rentals from lab 1 for the exercise

Lab 3 page AC3.1 to AC3.70 and Lab 3, Exercise 1 on page AC3.82 are due on April 17, 2016 .                              


  For the exercise 2, use the Rocky Mountain Rentals2 file from lab 2.

Access Lab Test Due April 17, 2016.

Next proceed to the Microsoft PowerPoint lab.


Thank you.

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