CD Contents

Contained on this CD are the files needed to complete the class. The screen shot below shows you the files you will see when you open the disk in My Computer. Your drive letter may not be the same as mine, just open your CD ROM drive to see the files.

Notice that you have two files that are text files and three folders. The readme file tells you how to open the files and change them from read-only to a format you can save. This is done in the file attributes. Save the file to your floppy disk or hard drive then right click the file and select properties. Uncheck the read only box and then click ok. You may now save the files after you have worked on them.

The software folder contains Netscape and Quicktime for you to install these programs on your computer if you don't already have them. Make sure to install Quicktime so you can view the movie files on your computer.

The movies folder looks like the screen shot below. It contains all of the movies referenced in the chapters. You must have Quicktime installed on your machine to view them.

Don't try to copy them to a floppy disk because they are all over 1.44 MB in size.

Finally you see the folders for the files used in the class.

These folders contain the files used for the class. The files look like the ones here in chapter 4.

Note that chapter 4 is the first chapter in which you will need any actual files. Below I have right clicked on the orangeflower.psd file and selected properties. This dialog box shows the attributes of the file.

To turn off the read only attribute, click the box to the left to uncheck it and click OK. The file is now ready for modification. Do this only after you have saved it to a disk or your hard drive.

This concludes the tour of our CD. Continue on now to Chapter 1 on the Interface.