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Dual Credit Program

   Dual Credit is a challenging course of study allowing high school students to gain knowledge and skills through a sequence of both academic and CTE courses preparing students for lifelong learning.

    The Shawnee Community College Dual Credit program is a partnership with all 12 local high schools. The partnership enables high school students to begin earning college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit, all while within their own high school environment.

Shawnee Community College Adheres to the Administrative Rules Set by the Illinois Community College Board in section 1401.507

Definition of Dual Credit

   Dual Credit courses are courses offered by the college for high school students during the regular school day.

State Laws and Regulations and Accreditation Standards

   All state laws, ICCB regulations, accreditation standards specified by the North Central Association, and local college policies that apply to courses, instructional procedures and academic standards at the college apply to college-level courses offered by the college on campus, at off-campus sites, and at secondary schools. These policies, regulations, instructional procedures and academic standards apply to students, faculty and staff associated with these courses.


   The instructors for these courses shall be selected, employed and evaluated by the community college. They shall be selected from full-time faculty and/or from adjunct faculty with appropriate credentials and demonstrated teaching competencies at the college level.

Qualifications of Students

   Students accepted for enrollment in college level courses must have appropriate academic qualifications, a high level of motivation and adequate time to devote to studying a college-level course. The students' course selections shall be made in consultation with high school counselors and/or principles and are restricted to students who are able to demonstrate college and career readiness, as determined by placement procedures consistent with those that would be used with college level students. The students shall meet all college criteria and follow all college procedures for enrolling in courses.

Placement Testing and Prerequisites

   High school students enrolling in college-level courses must satisfy the same course placement tests or course prerequisites as college level students, when applicable, to assure that they are qualified and prepared.

Course Offerings

   Courses shall be selected from transfer courses that have been articulate with senior institutions in Illinois or from courses in ICCB approved associate of applied science degree programs.

Course Requirements

   The course outlines utilized for these courses shall be the same as for courses offered on campus and at other off-campus sites and shall contain the content articulated with colleges and universities in the state. Course prerequisites, descriptions, outlines, requirements, learning outcomes and methods of evaluating students shall be the same as for on-campus offerings.

Concurrent Credit

   The determination of whether a college course is offered for concurrent high school and college credit shall be made at the secondary level, according to the school's policies and practices of the district.

   Shawnee Community College Adheres to the Guidelines Set by the Higher Learning Commission - Quality Assurance for Dual Credit Courses or Programs

   Linked to the Commission's Criteria for Accreditation and the findings of the Commission's dual credit study, the following five critical elements constitute the quality assurance for dual credit courses or programs:

  1. Faculty credentials and qualifications, orientation and training (Criterion Three) The institution requires the same level of credentials and qualifications for faculty in dual credit courses or programs that it does for its regular higher education courses. Currently, this is the standard practice. The Commission's dual credit study notes: "The most common of these provisions [about instructor eligibility] is that colleges and universities use the same standards in selecting instructors for dual credit courses as they do for courses offered on their own campuses" (p. 19). Additionally, faculty teaching in dual credit courses or programs are appropriately trained with proper orientation for teaching at the higher education level.
  2. Rigor of courses or programs and curricular standards (Criterion Four) The institution mandates the same level of rigor in dual credit courses or programs as it does for its regular higher- education courses or programs. Dual credit courses or programs meet the same curricular standards and undergo the same institutional approval processes as the institution's regular courses or programs.
  3. Expectations for student learning and learning outcomes (Criterion Four) Expectations for student learning and learning outcomes in dual credit courses or programs are consistent with the same courses or programs that the institution offers at the higher-education level.
  4. Access to learning resources (Criteria Three and Four) Students as well as faculty in dual credit courses or programs have the same level of access to learning resources (libraries, laboratories, databases, etc.) as the institution's students and faculty in the same higher-education courses or programs.
  5. Institutional monitoring and oversight (Criteria Three and Four) The institution, specifically its academic departments and disciplinary faculty, exercises proper monitoring and oversight of its dual credit activity to ensure that dual credit courses or programs meet higher education standards.

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