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Dr. Peggy F. Bradford
President (618) 634-3221
Dr. Vickie Artman
Vice President of Academic Affairs & Student Learning (618) 634-3219
Jipaum Askew-Robinson
Vice President of Student Success & Services (618) 634-3360
Tiffiney Ryan
Vice President of Financial & Campus Operations (618) 634-3242
Dr. Dee Blakely
Dean of Student Success & Services (618) 634-3247
Dean of Academic Affairs & Student Learning
Chris Barr
Director of Institutional Research (618)634-3349
Russ Stoup
Director of Learning Resources and Instructional Technology (618) 634-3276
Lindsay Johnson
Director of Anna Extension Center (618) 634-3451
Dr. Michael Stokes
Part-Time Director of Cairo Extension Center (618) 634-3490
Faye Joyner-Keene
Director of Metropolis Extension Center (618) 634-3471
Dr. Tammy Capps
Director of Financial Aid/
Coordinator of Veteran and Military Personnel (618) 634-3280
Chris Clark
Director of Information Technology (618) 634-3233
Brandy Woods
Director of Business Services (618) 634-3417
Emily Forthman
Director of Human Resources (618) 634-3223
Deborah Johnson
Director of Educational Talent Search (618) 634-3374
Amber Suggs
Director of Student Support Services (618) 634-3236
Don Koch
Director of Facilities (618) 634-3289